Chapter Leadership

Executive Council

President Gage Carroll

As president, Gage oversees the general operation of the chapter and the performance of his fellow officers and shall serve as a representative of and spokesman for his chapter. The president shall ensure that all members and New Members are aware of and have been educated in regards to all policies, practices and rules of Theta Chi Fraternity; he shall ensure that the chapter is at all times in compliance with the requirements of the Risk Management, Standards, and Insurance Manual of Theta Chi Fraternity and that the health and safety of members, New Members and visitors at chapter functions is safeguarded to the maximum extent possible. Gage has previously held the position of Treasurer for our chapter.

Vice President Kyle Delph

As Vice President, Kyle oversees the internal operations of the chapter, supervise all committees and committee chairmen, and assist the president in carrying out his duties and responsibilities. Kyle has previously held the position of House Manager for our chapter

Vice President of Health & Safety Noah Wheeler

As VPHS, Noah shall implement programming and practices within the chapter designed to promote the health and safety of members, new members, and visitors. Noah has previously held the position of Waterdaze/ Smackdown for our chapter.

Secretary Jordan Scheessele

As chapter Secretary, Jordan is responsible for recording and documenting our chapter’s events and activities. He takes meeting minutes and manages communication to keep all of our members up to date with chapter affairs. Jordan has previously held positions of Public Relations Chair and Dance Marathon Chair for our chapter.

TreasurerChad Baker

As Treasurer, Chad collects all fees, dues, assessments and fines. He collects all New Member registration and initiation fees for the secretary. He is responsible for establishing and following a budget for each school year. Chad has previously held the position of Risk Manager for our chapter.

Marshal Matt Dowell

As Marshal, Matt is responsible for the education of New Members of the chapter. His responsibilities include development of the educational program and conduct of the entire educational process, and shall continue until the New Members have been properly prepared for initiation.

Scholarship ChairmanStar Schomongo

As our chapter’s Scholarship Chairman, Star is responsible for making sure that our brothers perform well academically. He enforces our chapter’s academic standards by holding weekly study hours and also provides information about academic opportunities, such as scholarships. Star has held the position of Philanthropy Chair for our chapter.

Recruitment ChairmanDrew Alyea

Drew is tasked with bringing new members into our brotherhood, and manages a team of brothers who actively recruit the best men on campus. Each semester, he organizes five rush events to help in recruitment efforts. He has previously been a Recruitment Team Captain and Assistant Marshal.

Risk ManagerLogan Gillespie

As Risk Manager, Logan is responsible for the safety of our brothers and everyone involved with Theta Chi. We always try to take precautionary actions to reduce risk and promote safety.

House ManagerBilly Devens

As House Manager, Billy is responsible for making sure the house is clean for brothers to live in; Sending out chores, picking up cleaning supplies, and leading the semesterly house improvement project. Billy has previously held the position of Community Service Chair for our chapter.

Standards ChairmanDevin Monday

As Standards Chairman, Devin and his standards board are in charge of keeping brother accountable. Whenever a brother does something that doesn’t match the values of Theta Chi, they will be sent to standards to reevaluate their actions. Devin has previously held the position of Risk Manager for our chapter.